the inspiration

As a child of the seventies I was born and grew up in northern Germany on the North Sea shore, where the weather is, for 9 out of the 12 months, mostly cold and wet. The locally available knitwear was made of lambswool, cashmere and or synthetics. While those fibers were available in abundance, they were detrimental to my skin. As I grew older, I initiated the search to create comfort for my sensitive skin and I started sewing and knitting my own clothes. This gave me the solace I needed, subsequently giving me a creative outlet.  
I moved to London to attend Central St. Martin’s, where the weather was still the same and my quest for wearable knits continued. And continued it did, in the process shaping my personal identity as a designer. 
In my quest to find and create the perfect wearable knitwear pieces that my sensitive skin can tolerate, I came to the realization that this is an opportunity and motivation for me to fulfill a deeply rooted passion for fashion.
The memory of my great aunt Rosel, a fashion designer and illustrator for a Berlin fashion house in the 30’s, was a great inspiration. Mesmerizing in her personality and exquisite style, she influenced me in many ways through my creative exploration and it is only appropriate to name my company after her. 
 ROSEL is not moved by trends so much as by my own mood and my personal experiences. Inspiration comes from the beauty, the art, the messages and the causes of the 60’s – 70’s values and lifestyles and is held by my eclectic multi-cultural experiences. 
ROSEL is an expression of a lifestyle, an ecologically conscious, ethically aware way of living, which can then be revealed to and discovered by the wearer. Subtlety, glamor, and comfort endow ROSEL with the ingredients of a lifestyle and fashion of sustainable luxury.
ROSEL is a full-fashion knitwear line using environmentally sensitive fibers and materials created for the comfort of women.