Barcelona Summer


A sampling of my impressions (no, I didn't photograph all of these myself!)

I promised to tell you about my amazing opportunity to spend a week in Barcelona this summer with my family. What an incredible experience! It was our first time in this buzzling city and I can finally join all the hype and conversations. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, I promise it’s all worth going (and maybe living there if you’re single?). In an effort to be more independent and cost efficient we rented an apartment in the happening La Rambla which turned out to be the best choice ever. Our tiny balcony overseeing one of the million of narrow foot passages put us the in the heart of street performers and parades! The whole experience was a combination of ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ (I tried to ignore that I had 2 boys and a husband with me: those Spanish dudes are hot, grrrrrr) and ‘Bringing Home the Birkin’ (WHAT, you haven’t started reading this yet?!). The food, the wine, the Gaudi art and architecture that leaves you breathless, the modern Barcelona Pavillion, the uber-friendly people; it is all a perfect harmony and makes you feel at home instantly despite the language barrier. Gaudi’s colors and shapes became an inspiration for me to carry into my next collection and even my kids thought his stuff was ‘cool’ (Starwars figures everywhere!). If single or as a family, this place has amazing experiences to offer and a very true southern European flair that I will be missing here!

I hope you get to go one day; I know I will be back!


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