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Rodin Olio Lusso face and body oil

Rodin Olio Lusso face and body oil

You might have heard already about Rodin Olio Lusso, this magical face and body oil. It is composed of an aromatic blend of eleven essential oils derived from flowers and other botanicals. All natural and completely chemical free it’s done absolute wonders for my super sensitive skin.

Battling dryness and hyper sensitivity for years (hence my own knitwear line!) and having tried I don’t know how many beauty products (believe me, I’m a product junkie just like the rest of you out there!)┬áthese products are an answer to my prayers. Quite skeptical at the beginning as I tend to hate oils (never liked the greasiness sitting on my skin), this elixir is totally different.

It starts when you open the bottle and inhale the magical scent, the aromatherapy is a true part of the experience. There’s nothing better than the smell of pure natural ingredients! Applied to the skin it absorbs immediately upon application and leaves your skin beautifully dewy, radiant and incredibly hydrated. Packaged in a gorgeous, contemporary designed glass bottle I’m willing to pay the $135 for 1 oz.

With a cult following among make-up artists (that’s how I got introduced to it), models and celebrities I’m joining this cult and can only recommend it!

To find out more about these products go to oliolusso.com.


Barcelona Summer


A sampling of my impressions (no, I didn't photograph all of these myself!)

I promised to tell you about my amazing opportunity to spend a week in Barcelona this summer with my family. What an incredible experience! It was our first time in this buzzling city and I can finally join all the hype and conversations. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, I promise it’s all worth going (and maybe living there if you’re single?). In an effort to be more independent and cost efficient we rented an apartment in the happening La Rambla which turned out to be the best choice ever. Our tiny balcony overseeing one of the million of narrow foot passages put us the in the heart of street performers and parades! The whole experience was a combination of ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ (I tried to ignore that I had 2 boys and a husband with me: those Spanish dudes are hot, grrrrrr) and ‘Bringing Home the Birkin’ (WHAT, you haven’t started reading this yet?!). The food, the wine, the Gaudi art and architecture that leaves you breathless, the modern Barcelona Pavillion, the uber-friendly people; it is all a perfect harmony and makes you feel at home instantly despite the language barrier. Gaudi’s colors and shapes became an inspiration for me to carry into my next collection and even my kids thought his stuff was ‘cool’ (Starwars figures everywhere!). If single or as a family, this place has amazing experiences to offer and a very true southern European flair that I will be missing here!

I hope you get to go one day; I know I will be back!

‘Bringing Home’ some Inspiration

Picture 1

One of my many passions is reading and even though I consider myself a fanatic ‘book-snob’ (yep, I don’t just read any book you see!) I stumbled across this amazingly inspiring and easy read. ‘Bringing Home the Birkin’ by Michael Tonello is a story about how fun life can be if one is willing to follow his dreams! It’s about the most coveted handbag (I know, certainly not the usual book-snob material), written with the utmost wit and charm. And the best part, it’s a true story (god, how much cheesier can this get!). But I of all book-snob people can only recommend diving into this story and absorbing every moment of it. It gave me a new perspective on a lot of things I worry about in life and inspired me to go to Barcelona this summer (which I will talk about in my next post).

Thank you Michael for this fabulous story!

The ROSEL Eco Tote

The Kaiser (meaning Karl) has his own tote, Marc (as in Jacobs) has a tote and now ROSEL has one too (it’s 100% organic cotton). As an Eco conscious brand it’s a must! So here’s my new cool tote designed in collaboration with an amazing illustrator called Audria Brumberg, audriabrumberg.com.

Since I cringe every time my lunch or groceries get plastic bagged (even doubled!) I will make sure to have one of my totes on hand.

Here’s a little Eco fact: in Germany you have to pay for a plastic bag should you need one. It’s been like that since the 70’s! It’s about time we introduce that system here in the US.ROSEL PROMO BAG

70’s me

fond memories of my grandfather

fond memories of my grandfather

Some fun facts about myself: I grew up on the Northsea shore in Germany close to Denmark. Memories are filled with heavenly summer days on our 2 mile long beach and yes, sometimes in the nudist zone since my parents were true hippies! I am the 3rd child of 4 and with a large community of cousins visiting for the summer holidays. Friends, bonfires, riding horse and going swimming with them are all part of that fabulous beach life. I have vivid memories of the ‘living green’ phase that swept across Germany in the 70’s and my mum being one of the first in our town of 2500 people to completely switch our eating habits and lifestyle. Whole grain pasta, brown rice, eco detergent and so on were introduced and didn’t end with her buying a small mill to grind her own whole wheat flower from different grains. Cookies and birthday cakes became whole grain (to the dismay of us kids) with even my dad making a face in the beginning. She would drive for miles to pick up fresh farm milk and freshly whipped butter. But this ‘green living’ phase wasn’t just a phase, it became the norm. My aunt and uncle are both architects and were living in a solar powered house they designed themselves at that time. When I visited Berlin with my family 2 years ago I was amazed to see how a large city like Berlin was dealing with recycling and even requiring every household to separate compost. People are biking everywhere and are members of organic food chains similar to the Food Coop in Brooklyn.

In a funny way I am feeling like I am reliving my childhood memories now here in New York with the enormous eco wave gripping the country. And I am even married to an architect that focuses on green housing! These are very exciting times and love being part of it to be able to make a contribution.